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WCO Regional Integration Conference

START DATE 15 июня 2015
END DATE 16 июня 2015


Regional integration: a key strategy for accelerating economic growth and competitiveness through increased trade.

The WCO Regional Integration Conference will explore the challenges that Customs and other border agencies face in regional integration projects, bringing together practitioners that faced these challenges and surmounted them.

Invitation letters to attend the WCO Regional Integration Conference have been sent to all WCO Members, Observers and international organisations involved in regional integration efforts with information about registration using the WCO on-line registration system. Please consult your usual contact points within your country or organisation concerning WCO matters for more information.

The WCO Regional Integration Conference is held at the start of the 2015 WCO Knowledge Academy for Customs and Trade. This is a two-week intensive academy focusing on the development of technical skills for Customs and Trade practitioners. Anyone who registers for the Knowledge Academy is automatically registered for the Regional Integration Conference. Read more

The Conference itself is free of charge. Should you wish to participate only in the Regional Integration Conference and you are not a Member of the WCO or an official Observer, please send an e-mail to: regional_integration_conference@wcoomd.org.

For the draft agenda of the conference click here.

For the Presentations click here

To obtain additional information, please e-mail: regional_integration_conference@wcoomd.org.