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Network for Gender Equality and Diversity in Customs

START DATE 08 марта 2022
END DATE 08 марта 2022


Gender Equality and Diversity are fundamental rights and also considered prerequisites for achieving sustainable development and growth, as well as for enhancing organizational performance. WCO therefore finds it’s essential to promote gender equality and diversity in its capacity building work. In this regard, the WCO has developed several tools to promote this agenda within the global customs community, including the Declaration of the Customs Co-Operation Council on Gender Equality and Diversity in Customs and the Gender Equality Organizational Assessment Tool.

The “WCO Network for Gender Equality and Diversity in Customs” is an initiative launched to raise further awareness on these topics and aims at supporting and strengthening WCOs ongoing work on this agenda. In particular, the Network will facilitate the exchange of inspirational experiences of Customs officers and leaders, private sector representatives and other relevant stakeholders involved in trade, who have contributed to driving this agenda forward, thereby promoting champions for Gender Equality and Diversity. This Network will also advocate for the needs and benefits of implementing gender-responsive and inclusive policies in Customs and encourage enhanced and sustainable support from senior management and strengthened collaboration with private sector stakeholders on these issues

On occasion of the International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2022, a global conference for this Network will take place online. It will bring together Customs officers from around the world, as well as representatives from the private sector and international organizations working in the field of Customs and international trade, to exchange experiences and practical advice, as well as to offer learning opportunities to promote more inclusiveness in Customs.