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Information for journalists, businesses, individuals and travellers

For journalists

Media enquiries and requests for interviews should be sent to the WCO Press Office via the contact form on this site.  Please ensure you include your e-mail address and phone number and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

For businesses

General enquiry about the WCO: please get in touch with us using the contact form on this site.

Enquiry related to the classification of goods: as an intergovernmental organization, the WCO only provides advice on the Harmonized System (HS) classification of goods to Customs administrations and not to private parties.  Importers or exporters seeking assistance or experiencing difficulties with respect to the HS classification of goods should approach the Customs administration of the importing or exporting country for assistance.  A list containing the e-mail addresses of officials responsible for HS matters in national administrations, who may be able to advise you in this respect, can be found on the WCO Web site.

For individuals

Enquiry related to parcel and mail delivery: the WCO is a standard-setting organization and cannot provide any assistance with lost parcels or general parcel delivery issues.  If your parcel has been lost, please contact your delivery company.  If you have been informed that your package is being held by Customs, please note that the recipient of the package should receive a notification containing instructions.  Alternatively, please ask her or him to contact her/his local post office for advice.

For travellers

The WCO does not provide any information on visas.  This is an immigration matter and does not fall within the competence of the WCO.  Instead, please contact the embassies or consulates of any countries through which you plan to travel or else speak to your travel agent.

More information

More information is available in our FAQ section.  Please consult this page before contacting us.