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Lebanon hones its knowledge of the Harmonized System

11 апреля 2014

A National Workshop held in Beirut from 1 to 4 April 2014 brought together 16 participants from Lebanese Customs services. This event was a joint initiative of the WCO and the Directorate General of Lebanese Customs, with support from the Eurocustoms Fund.

The Head of the Harmonized System Department within Lebanese Customs, Mrs. Pascale Elia, highlighted the WCO’s support in response to Lebanon’s capacity building requirements. She thanked the representative of the Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate and the WCO accredited trainer from Tunisia for their technical presentations and the answers they gave to participants’ questions.

This Workshop provided an opportunity to take stock of Lebanon’s application of WCO Recommendations related to the Harmonized System, review the 2012 amendments to the Nomenclature and look in greater detail at the issues surrounding the classification of wood and articles of wood through a study of Chapter 44 and an examination of practical examples.