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WCO delivers Leadership and Management Development Workshop at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Japan

29 августа 2014

As part of its continued commitment to support the graduate programme at GRIPS in Japan, the WCO organized a Leadership and Management Development (LMD) for scholars in this year’s programme. The event was held on the GRIPS campus in Tokyo from 4 to 15 August, and facilitated by officials from the WCO Secretariat and German Customs.

In addition to this year’s scholars coming from 9 different Customs administrations, Customs officials from Japan and Vietnam were also invited to take part in this learning event. The GRIPS and the WCO have a long-standing cooperation to provide opportunities to Customs officers and managers from developing countries to obtain a Masters degree in Public Finance and Customs. This programme benefits from funding from the Government of Japan. The participation of the Vietnamese officials was made possible by Norad funding.

The WCO LMD workshop, also funded by the Customs Cooperation Fund of Japan, provides an added opportunity for participants to explore various management practices and to develop their Leadership qualities. It covers a wide range of topics from Strategic management, communication, integrity development, people management, visioning and Customs modernization, gender equality as well as change management. The workshop is composed of various modules and affords participants an opportunity to put into practice some of the most important management responsibilities they may face upon returning to the administration.

This LMD workshop was highly praised by participants and by faculty members at GRIPS, as a modern and effective way to develop the capacities of future and current Customs managers. The WCO plans to continue to provide this workshop as an integral part of the annual Masters programme at GRIPS.

The LMD programme is also made available to WCO Members on a national basis and upon request. For further information on the programme and its offer, you may contact capacitybuilding@wcoomd.org