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Liquid meth concealed in moist towelettes detected due to profiling by New Zealand Customs

15 декабря 2014

Wellington Police and the New Zealand Customs Service have undertaken a joint investigation into the importation of what is believed to be in excess of a USD 750,000 worth of liquid methamphetamine.

Operation Gravity has seen the seizure of approximately 3.5 litres of liquid methamphetamine destined for Wellington that was intercepted by Customs at Wellington airport. The method of concealment of the drug deserves special attention: it was soaked in Tesco-branded moist towelettes. As a result of the investigation two Taiwanese nationals have been arrested and faced the court.

Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch, the head of the Wellington Drugs and Organised Crime team pointed out that the offence was detected due to the excellent work of New Zealand Customs that had used the profiling method at the border. After the detection, the Police were able to start the investigation leading to arrests. "To those contemplating this type of activity I can strongly advise that both the New Zealand Police and New Zealand Customs are on high alert and deploying resources into this area as part of our prevention first strategy. Importing and supplying methamphetamine are life imprisonment offences which clearly reflect the seriousness of this offending", Leitch added. 

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