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Armenia makes the largest heroin seizure in its history

20 января 2014

On 16 January 2014, Armenian Customs officers in cooperation with the National Security Service discovered an astounding 927 kg of heroin in a lorry having crossed into the country from neighbouring Iran.

The lorry had been declared for transit to Georgia. Scanning and detailed examination revealed a false compartment in the bottom of the trailer from which 47 packages containing drugs, weighing a total of 927.6 kg, were retrieved.

Investigators believe that the smugglers had planned to illicitly transport the heroin consignment from Iran to Turkey via Armenia and Georgia.

This huge drugs haul is by far the most serious instance of heroin smuggling into Armenia ever reported by that country’s law enforcement agencies and one of the largest seizures ever made in the region.

More information can be obtained from Armenian Customs’ website.