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The WCO attends a UNDP regional Workshop

18 июля 2014

Integrity in the Interface between the Private and Public Sectors

(Casablanca, Morocco, 24-25 September 2013)

A regional project of the UN Development Programme entitled "Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries" invited the WCO to participate in and moderate a Customs panel on "Key areas of corruption vulnerabilities in the interface between the public and private sector: risks and remedies". The WCO presented its approach to integrity enhancement and the fight against corruption, as well as concrete examples of successful integrity projects. The private sector shared its analysis of the situation with regards to the trade and SMEs which are a majority in the region.

During the workshop a series of government officials presented the progress and challenges they encountered with regard to implementing good governance programmes in their countries.

Following this workshop, the WCO pursued cooperation with UNDP in the region. As a result a UNDP official was invited to make a presentation at the 13th Session of the WCO Integrity Sub-Committee on the topic "Challenges and successes of post-conflict and transition countries in enhancing governance".