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Enhancing Human Resources Development Skills of Qatar Customs Managers

24 июня 2014

In a view to strengthen the strategic positioning of human resources management and development in the Qatar Customs Authority (QCA), the Chairman of QCA invited the WCO to conduct a national workshop in Doha, Qatar from 12 to 15 May 2014. The workshop was self-funded by Qatar Customs and organized to equip its managers with the right capacities to sustain efficient competency-based staff planning, workforce development, performance assessment and to raise staff motivation.

This initiative was a follow-up of the regional Human Resource Management (HRM) workshop for the MENA region in January 2014, which gathered HRM Directors and senior managers from 10 different countries. QCA had requested further support from the WCO to accompany the national implementation of the 1st workshop’s recommendations.

In total, 16 senior and mid level managers from Customs headquarters, sea port and airport, developed new skills and knowledge based on the WCO Framework of principles and practices on Customs Professionalism. The event also focused on the importance of competency-based job descriptions as a critical recruitment, training and performance management tool.

Participants acknowledged the fundamental role of managers throughout the organization in creating and stimulating the appropriate work environment enabling individual and organizational performance. By the end of the workshop, participants expressed their high appreciation about the positive and productive atmosphere that characterized the four days, and expressed their hopefor QCA and WCO to continue fostering their collaboration in the field of human resources management and development, and Customs Professionalism.


  • Enhancing Human Resources Development Skills of Qatar Customs Managers

    Enhancing Human Resources Development Skills of Qatar Customs Managers

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