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WCO delivers LMD Workshop to Uruguay Customs

26 июня 2014

The WCO delivered its Leadership and Management Development Workshop to senior and middle-managers of the Uruguay National Customs administration from May 26 to June 5, 2014, in Montevideo. The workshop brought together Customs managers from various areas of the administration including headquarters functions and the operations level.

The Uruguayan administration has been undergoing a comprehensive transformation in recent years with the implementation of important institutional changes in all areas of management and operations. The National Director has reaffirmed the need to invest in people and in strengthening the management capacity of the administration so that the organization can move forward with its reform and create a sound working environment.

The WCO workshop was an opportunity for participants to learn about their management style and to discover their leadership potential. Practical exercises and group discussions also focused on modern practices ranging from communication to motivation, delegation and coaching. Time was spent on learning about change management and how to apply it in the current environment, as a way to bring the whole organization along with the modernization efforts.

Both participants and senior management expressed great satisfaction with the event, highlighting the value of this WCO programme for all Customs administrations, and the need to further invest in management development.

More information on the WCO Leadership and Management Development Programme may be obtained via email at: capacitybuilding@wcoomd.org