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National SAFE/AEO Workshop in Sudan

19 ноября 2014

The WCO, in cooperation with the UNDP, conducted a national workshop as a starting point for developments towards the implementation of the SAFE Framework of Standards (FoS) and an envisaged Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programme in Sudan from 11 to 13 November 2014.

The workshop was inaugurated by Major General Saif Al-Din Omar Suleiman, Director General of Sudan Customs. In his opening remarks, while thanking the WCO and UNDP he underlined the significance of SAFE FoS and AEO in the national context of Sudan and encouraged the Customs officials to work towards that goal, getting benefits from the workshop. 27 senior officials from various divisions of Sudan Customs incl. divisions on risk management, procedures, container examination, warehousing, free zones and legal, participated in the workshop.The level of participation reflected the importance and commitment that the Sudanese Customs Administration accords to this initiative.

Based on the national situation in Sudan, the WCO presented detailed information on the importance of supply chain security; the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards; Customs-Business partnership; AEO programme requirements, benefits, step by step phased implementation approach; and examples of international good practices. Thoughts were equally given to the RKC and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and the concepts of Trusted Person/Authorized Operator schemes contained therein.

Key achievements of the workshop among others included enhanced understanding of the SAFE FoS/AEO, Customs’ role in the supply chain security, and the value proposition of Customs-Business partnership among participants. As an inception workshop on SAFE/AEO, it has laid down a broad framework for Sudan Customs in terms of preparations for implementing a trusted trader programme called ‘Golden List’ of compliant traders, leading to the implementation of the SAFE FoS and an AEO programme in the future.