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Harmonized System Workshop for Chemists opens at the WCO

06 октября 2014

The 2nd Customs Laboratory Programme was launched on 6 October 2014 at WCO Headquarters in Brussels, under the sponsorship of Japan (CCF/JAPAN).

Six experienced Customs chemists from Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ukraine and Vietnam, invited to take part in the programme, were welcomed by Mr. Sergio Mujica, Deputy Secretary General of the WCO, who expressed his appreciation of the contribution that Customs laboratories are making to the overall effort of the international community to secure and facilitate trade.

This programme is recent initiative for supporting the establishment and modernization of Customs laboratories in view of the fact that the Customs laboratories are instrumental in ensuring proper tariff classification, determining origin, protecting consumers from imports of potentially harmful and dangerous merchandise, preventing unlawful practices in international trade, and underpinning fair and efficient revenue collection.

Following the one-week Workshop at the WCO, during which the participants will study WCO HS tools intended for Customs chemists, including the WCO Customs Laboratory Guide, the participants will travel to Japan for practical training for seven weeks. The Central Customs Laboratory of the Japan Customs will conduct the course on chemical analysis methods that will focus on new technologies and techniques, as well as the use of sophisticated analytical equipment. The focus of this comprehensive programme is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs Laboratory management in the participants’ administrations.

The Central Customs Laboratory of Japan is the "Regional Customs Laboratory" by virtue of the MOC signed by the WCO and Japan Customs at the last WCO Council (June 2014) and it is also conducting capacity building activities on Customs laboratory matters in the WCO AP region.


  • Harmonized System Workshop for Chemists opens at the WCO Ouverture

    Harmonized System Workshop for Chemists opens at the WCO Ouverture

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