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WCO Accreditation workshop for Customs Modernization Advisors in the United States of America

02 октября 2014

September 2014

From 22 to 26 September 2014, an accreditation workshop for WCO Customs Modernization Advisors was conducted at the United States Customs and Border Protection’s Advanced Training Center in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, USA. The workshop was funded by USAID.

The Customs Modernization Advisors accreditation workshops are part of the WCO strategic approach to build community of Capacity Building experts. Accreditation ensures that Members have access to quality services and consistent advice in support of implementing WCO standards and any reform and modernization initiatives.

This accreditation workshop was the 1st step of the 2-step accreditation process. Individuals with comprehensive experience and skills in change management, strategic planning, and organizational development are ask to demonstrate knowledge of WCO instruments and tools during the 1st step.  The 2nd step is an in-country support activity. Successful completion of both steps leads to advisors being available for up to 3 years to support various WCO Members requests in the planning and implementation of their Customs modernization initiatives. Advisors may also be called upon to facilitate dialogue with donors and policy-makers on the importance of investing in Customs modernization.

After an intense working week with numerous presentations, role plays and plenary discussions, a number of potential experts were identified as future Customs Modernization Advisors. Together with bringing their skills and experience in specific Customs-related areas, WCO advisors draw on exposure and analysis of global best-practices and the WCO’s comprehensive suite of electronic and material resources.