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WCO Capacity Building Development Compendium

“ A Columbus programme phase 2 implementation tool”

Over 100 WCO Columbus Programme diagnostic missions have been completed. The reports of these missions have provided the Organization with a deep insight into the development needs of the Membership both from a technical and a managerial viewpoint.

Globalization, economic development, the proliferation of Customs Unions, the increasing need for social protection and security now mean that the management of Customs requires a more strategic approach.

The Head of Customs is now much more like a CEO of a multifunctional business than an expert in Customs matters. The Head of Customs needs a senior management team equipped to deal with the delivery of the results required by Government, trade and the Public, as well as the development of the organization itself.

To meet this challenge a broader range of management and development skills are required. These now need to cover strategic management, programme management, direct business skills such as tendering, contracting, contractor management etc and improved management monitoring and evaluation techniques.

In response to these needs the WCO works to improve and tailor support for Customs managers through improved research and development, strategic planning, business management techniques and more professional education and training.

As part of the suite of products, the WCO Capacity Building Development Compendium was developed as a guide to the key management techniques needed to enable Members to take full control of their own organizational development.

The compendium is updated at regular intervals to reflect the ever changing nature of reform and modernization.

The following topics are offered in the second edition of the compendium:

  • Strategic Management 
  • Change Management
  • Project Management 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Tendering and contracting process
  • Technology acquisition process
  • Customs Enterprise Architecture
  • Human Resource Management & Leadership
  • Donor Engagement
  • Supply chain management
  • Organizational Performance Measurement

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