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ABF/WCO Supply Chain Integrity Project

The need to increase knowledge and awareness of contemporary ‘supply chain integrity’ practices across the WCO Membership was raised at the 42nd gathering of the Enforcement Committee (EC) in 2022 and subsequently, the topic was added as a high priority item to the EC Action Plan.

In 2024, following extensive discussion and planning led by the Australian Border Force (ABF) and WCO, the ABF/WCO Supply Chain Integrity Project (SCI Project) was launched as a joint initiative to enhance the integrity and resilience of Customs controlled supply chains – while addressing the prolific issue of insider threats and those who seek to subvert routine customs and border controls.

In addition to delivering specialised training to WCO Members, the SCI Project will also focus on working proactively and enhancing collaboration with the private sector to promote greater security, transparency and accountability in international trade.

Through eight key outcomes and no less than fifteen corresponding activities delivered over three years, the SCI Project will: create a dedicated and Member driven training curriculum on supply chain integrity, deliver regional awareness raising and engagement seminars, deliver a high-level industry symposium and coordinate associated operational activities.

Additionally, alongside the WCO Capacity Building Directorate, the SCI Project will facilitate expert pre-accreditation events along with specialised missions designed to build Member capabilities whilst upskilling WCO Technical and Operational Advisors on the topic of supply chain integrity.


Project funding is provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs through their International Capacity Building Program. In addition, the ABF has deployed an officer to join the WCO Compliance and Enforcement sub-directorate, as the SCI Project Manager.

Related WCO Instruments, Tools and Programmes

While the topic of contemporary supply chain integrity practices is a key focus area of the SCI Project, it is by no means a new concept. For Customs and border authorities to maintain effective regulatory control over the goods that enter, transit and leave their custody, well-resourced Customs supply chain operations and cooperative industry partnerships are critical.

The SCI Project therefore complements and supports other, relevant WCO efforts such as: the WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium, the Anti-Corruption and Integrity Promotion (ACIP) Programme, the UNODC/WCO Container Control Programme (CCP), and the SAFE Framework of Standards.


For more information, please contact: project.sci@wcoomd.org