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CEN Suite

Customs administrations around the world play a vitally important role in the fight against transnational crime. In order to be effective they require the necessary hardware and software, as well as the related knowledge and skills to implement simplified and improved Customs procedures, using modern Customs operational techniques. In today’s digital age, a fast flow of information between countries, agencies and front-line staff is a key factor in effective border control and disruption of illicit trade. Faced with the task of promoting greater connectivity and more harmonious interactions, the WCO is placing ever-greater value on technology and innovation.

The WCO Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) became operational in 2000. Since then, the CEN Suite has grown to include a number of standalone applications such as nCEN, a national database for the collection and storage of law enforcement information, and CENcomm, a secure communication platform enabling groups of users to collaborate during a Customs operation or project. These applications, which are complimentary and compatible in nature, provide Customs with the latest technology tools within a secure global network in order to successfully meet the challenges of the digital age.

  • Customs Enforcement Network (CEN)

    As the pioneer of the CEN suite, the CEN application was conceived to assist the Customs enforcement community in gathering data and information for intelligence purposes. This module acts as a central depositary for enforcement-related information; its success resting squarely on the steady flow of quality data provided by all WCO Members.

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  • National Customs Enforcement Network (nCEN)

    The National Customs Enforcement Network (nCEN) is a system developed by the WCO to assist Customs administrations with the collection and storage of law-enforcement information on the national level, with the additional capability to exchange this information at the regional and international levels. Through the adoption of the nCEN, administrations have the ability to manage information on all aspect of their law-enforcement functions, including seizures and offences and suspected persons or business entities, within a modern national system that can be standalone or used in a networked environment. The Information Communication Interface (Icomm) included in nCEN allows administrations to exchange data with other nCEN users provided the existence of a legal premise, or to transfer the non-nominal components of the data directly to the global CEN database.

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  • Customs Enforcement Network Communication Platform (CENcomm)

    We are fast becoming a world economy based on the communication of information. The evolution of technology into our daily lives has allowed rapid global communication while business and social networking is shaping our modern society. The ability to exchange and disseminate information in a secure environment, especially when time is of the essence, is imperative for Customs during special border enforcement operations. With this in mind, CENcomm was conceived as a web-based communication system permitting a closed user group of officers to exchange messages via encrypted channels, in real time, for the duration of an operation or project.

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