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Operational Activities

30 августа 2013
Compliance & Enforcement Package

The vast majority of day-to-day Customs work occurs at border crossing points and is deeply embedded in the daily flows of trade and travel. The WCO is fully cognizant of this fact and its compliance and enforcement related activities are geared towards providing tangible tools and instruments to frontline Customs officers that will allow them to perform their functions in an effective manner.

Operations are designed to disrupt illicit trade and to detect arrest and prosecute offenders. The WCO provides technical and capacity building assistance to Members to enable them to strengthen their national enforcement programmes and to increase their contribution to regional and international operations targeted at destabilizing transnational organized crime groups, smugglers and terrorist organizations.

The WCO, in close collaboration with Members and the RILO network, has coordinated and conducted operational activities focused on the high-risk areas for Customs Enforcement, namely, revenue assurance; drugs enforcement; health and safety/IPR; security; and environment. 

List of activities (Members only)