1st Session for Capacity Building Committee

27 εδΈ€ζœˆ 2009
Preparations for the WCO’s 1st Session for Capacity Building Committee

November 27, 2009

The Capacity Building Informal Working Group (IWG) met in Brussels on 27 November 2009 to plan for the first meeting of the Capacity Building Committee (CBC), scheduled to take place from 19 to 21 April 2010.

The CBC will report to the Policy Commission and Policy Council. The IWG discussed the format of the 1st Session meeting as well as possible key issues. The proposed format of the meeting is identifiable with other WCO meeting formats. The agenda remains open for input from Members in line with existing WCO schedules.

The WCO Secretariat  is grateful for the contribution of Canada, who chaired the initial High Level Working Group on Capacity Building, Technical Assistance and Training and agreed to continue for this transition IWG meeting. The Secretariat is also grateful for the many interventions by participants. The work of the IWG will now guide logistic requirements and composing documents for the meeting. This first meeting will be held over 2½ days and scheduled so that the Integrity Sub-Committee meeting can immediately follow over 21 to 22 April.

In line with the endorsed Terms of Reference for the new Committee, the proposed CBC agenda deals strategically with:

  • Identification of Development Needs
  • Delivery of Programmes
  • Evaluation of Capacity Building Impact
  • Standards, Tools and Instruments and
  • Dissemination of Best Practice.

Guidance and leadership from the CBC is expected to refine action implementing Customs in the 21st Century building blocks, developing long-term partnerships with the private sector in the delivery of capacity building, and alignment and priorities for capacity builders and beneficiary Members.

Commenting on the outcomes of the IWG, the Director Capacity Building, Lars Karlsson, said,  “I am delighted at the results of this informal meeting with the members giving input to what will be a dynamic and very interesting agenda for the first CapacityBuildingCommittee meeting”.

He added,  “I am equally encouraged by the momentum created for this by Members of the last Council Session and hope we have a wide representation at the first meeting in April, which can only enhance CapacityBuildingfor the benefit of all WCO Members”.

Establishing the CBC is the final and most important building block of the capacity building infrastructure to enable sustainable capacity building to Members. With this new platform for interaction with Members and other stakeholders, furthering the development of the WCO’s capacity building agenda is assured.