WCO and PSCG join forces to support Vietnam Customs

15 十二月 2010

WCO and PSCG join forces to support Vietnam Customs

 First joint work session in Ha Noi, 8-11 December 2010



Ms Carol West (Chair PSCG) and delegation from the WCO and PSCG meet with Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh, Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs

In the context of this year’s central theme of Customsand Business improving performance through partnerships, the WCO and members of the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG) launched a trilateral cooperation to provide capacity building support to Vietnam Customs.

The first area of cooperation identified by Vietnam Customs will focus on the development and implementation of its Trusted-Trader Programme. This programme, that will be piloted over the next year in Vietnam, hopes to contribute to greater trade facilitation and voluntary compliance, as well as closer cooperation between Vietnam Customs and the local private sector stakeholders.

As part of the trilateral cooperation between the WCO, Vietnam Customs and the PSCG, a first joint work session was held in Ha Noi from December 8 to 11, 2010. The session focused on gathering input and recommendations from all parties to ensure the successful implementation of the Trusted-Trader Programme in Vietnam.

The Trusted-Trader Programme will look at authorizing compliant traders to benefit from expedited clearance, reduced inspection rates and improved services. In exchange, traders will be required to maintain a high level of compliance, use E-Customs, and maintain transparent accounting practices. The programme is expected to be open to several companies involved in manufacturing and trading in Vietnam.

At the invitation of the PSCG, a roundtable was held with the local private sector to discuss Customs modernization in general and the implementation of the Trusted-Trader Programme in particular. Participants included a great number of large and medium-sized companies operating in Vietnam and willing to contribute to Vietnam Customs’ reform and modernization efforts.

During these meetings, participating PSCG members included the International Federation of Customs Brokers Association (PSCG Chair), IBM, Hutchison Port Holdings, Limited Brands, Nissan, and Samsung Electronics.

The trilateral cooperation will continue over the coming months, providing further assistance, wherever possible, to the Vietnam Customs.