WCO Accreditation workshops for Customs Modernization Advisors

25 五月 2010

WCO Accreditation workshops for Customs Modernization Advisors

In March and April 2010 the WCO Capacity Building Directorate Secretariat conducted three workshops with the aim of experts` accreditation as Customs Modernization Advisors.

The Customs Modernization Advisors accreditation workshop is part of the WCO strategic approach to obtain a wider access to Capacity Building experts and to ensure their qualified services under Phase II of the WCO Columbus Programme and other WCO modernization initiatives undertaken to support less developed Customs administrations world-wide.

The objective of the workshop is to accredit individuals with comprehensive experience and skills in change management, strategic planning, and organizational development. As accredited Customs Modernization Advisors, these advisors will be in a position to provide support to WCO Members in the planning and implementation of their Customs modernization initiatives. They may also be called upon to facilitate dialogue with donors, and policy-makers on the importance of investing in Customs modernization.

Thanks to the financial contribution of the Japanese Customs Corporation Fund and the Eurocustoms funding the WCO Capacity Building Directorate was able to implement three accreditation workshops in the WCO Asia Pacific region and in the WCO Europe region.

The WCO is also particularly grateful to the Danish Tax and Customs Administration for the contribution of a Danish expert to the workshop in the Asia Pacific region.

A range of altogether 24 experts were identified as potential future Customs Modernization Advisors; it is hoped that these expert will be made available for follow-up In-field missions for their assistance to developing Members in a variety of strategic development areas under the WCO Capacity Building agenda.

The participants reported upon their professional and personal benefits of this workshop as it provided an opportunity to become familiar with the WCO Capacity Building agenda, strategic planning methodologies, as well as with key WCO instruments and standards.

The WCO Capacity Building Directorate is currently strengthening its efforts to cascade the success of the past accreditation workshops for the benefit of a wider pool of accredited Customs Modernization Advisors that meet specific language requirements.


CMA Accreditation workshop at the WCO Regional Training Centre in Melaka/Malaysia on behalf of the Asia/Pacific region, 1-5 March 2010



CMA Accreditation workshop at the premises of the Customs Headquarters in Oslo/Norway on behalf of the Nordic Group countries, 22-26 March 2010


CMA Accreditation workshop at the premises of Rotterdam Customs Headquarters/Netherlands on behalf of the Netherlands Customs Service, 26-29 April 2010