Azerbaijani Customs seconds their IT experts on a support assessment mission to Tajikistan

23 εδΈ€ζœˆ 2010

 Azerbaijan Customs seconds their IT experts on a support assessment mission to Tajikistan

Dushanbe, 17-23 November

As an example of immediate output of the WCO Capacity Building Committee, the WCO can report on a bilateral co-operation that was agreed between two countries in the European Region. Upon the request of the Customs service of Tajikistan the Customs administration of Azerbaijan will support the evaluation of the new Customs IT system in Tajikistan.

In the period of 17-23 of November, three Azerbaijani Customs IT experts will arrive in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to assist the Customs Administration there in evaluating technical parameters and architecture of their recently deployed IT system.

Such a generous step of the Customs administration of Azerbaijan is clear evidence of their adherence to the principles of the WCO regional capacity building strategy, based on Customs-to Customs cooperation and mutual assistance, a very good example of how capacity building could be delivered between Customs in an efficient way through exchange of best practices and best specialists.

This is a confirmation of the words of Lars Karlsson, Director of WCO Capacity Building department at the fist Capacity Building Committee: “It is a vital step forward that developing countries receiving capacity building support in the first stages of the WCO Columbus programme now are transferring that experience within the region to other countries”.

The WCO Secretariat is very grateful for this initiative and the motivation shown by both Administrations.