7th Meeting of the Europe Region ROCB, RTCs and Vice Chairs’ Office in Budapest

21 五月 2015

The 7th ROCB-RTCs-Vice Chairs’ Office Meeting in the Europe Region took place in RTC Budapest on 28 and 29 April 2015 with delegates from all 6 RTCs of the WCO Europe Region, the ROCB as well as from the WCO Secretariat and the Vice Chair’s office (European Union). The meeting considered the current Capacity Building priorities and challenges in the region and the role of the ROCB in Baku, including recent activities and future plans of the ROCB. The RTCs also reported progress with regional events over the past year.

The participants agreed on ways to further support the WCO’s work on promoting the Framework of Principles and Practices on Customs Professionalism and the ROCB undertook to translate the new Framework adopted by the CBC in February 2015 into Russian. It was also agreed to improve training follow-up and evaluation by using the Training Evaluation package adopted by the 10th Global ROCB/RTC Meeting in February 2015. Other issues that were considered included contributing regional HR experts to the development of the new People Development Diagnostic Tool, encouraging experts to support future sessions of the Virtual Customs Orientation Academy (VCOA), collecting information on training opportunities offered by national Customs training centres/academies to private sector, improving the regional website hosted by the ROCB and assuring the sustainability of publishing the regional Customs Scientific Journal.