WCO mission to develop a corruption risk map for the Mauritius Revenue Authority

13 十月 2015

21-25 September

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) recently requested assistance from the WCO in the area of corruption risk mapping. Two experts from German Customs responded and representing the WCO, introduced the methodology for corruption risk mapping.

Working with MRA in the form of a workshop attended by 23 officers from different areas of the Administration, the facilitators guided the group towards establishing the basis of a corruption risk map. Together they identified the key actors, the areas presenting an abstract risk of corruption and vulnerable core processes and activities. In its plan, MRA also suggested collecting information on the safeguards already in place, to evaluate such safeguards and to identify the necessary actions.

The group agreed that the way forward would be to prioritize actions according to the risk map and to include monitoring of preventive measures in order to finalize the corruption risk map. This mission was funded by Finland.