WCO provide valuation assistance to Ghana Revenue Authority

07 九月 2015

At the request of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), the WCO recently conducted a mission to support GRA’s preparation for taking over responsibility for Customs valuation functions from private sector inspection companies. This follows Ghana’s decision to terminate existing contracts with a number of inspection companies who have been conducting valuation and classification controls, on behalf of Ghana Customs, for several years.

A series of meetings and discussions were held with key departments and supporting consultants to evaluate current initiatives and provide advice.

A one-day workshop was held for selected personnel covering key valuation technical issues and relevant tools from the WCO’s Revenue Package programme designed to assist Customs administrations with fair and efficient revenue collection. The importance of strong risk management and post-clearance audit systems was also emphasised.

The WCO will continue to provide support to GRA and other Customs administrations in the West and Central Africa Region.

Background : In June 2013, the WCO, together with the Customs administrations of the WCA Region, produced the Niamey Declaration. The Declaration calls upon Governments, Customs administrations and the WCO to act upon a series of recommendations designed to provide a smooth transition of core Customs functions from the inspection companies to the Customs administrations. The WCO is providing support to a number of countries in the West and Central Africa Region which are undergoing this transition.