The nCEN application to support enforcement efforts in Oceania

03 六月 2016

It has only been one month since the WCO launched the new version of the nCEN application, developed in response to requests for alignment of existing functionality with daily operational needs of Customs administrations. Fiji became the first country to implement this new version of the nCEN, which introduces:

  • an alignment in the information fields related to detection methods and risk indicators with the wording/designation used in the WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium
  • an upgrade of the in-built information communication interface enabling information-sharing on investigations, suspect persons, and/or companies (not just seizures)
  • and significant enhancements to the search capability of the system allowing easy targeting of entities

On 16-25 May 2016 the WCO conducted an nCEN Workshop at the Regional Training Center in Fiji, in order to train Customs officers from Suva and Nadi on the functionality of the newly implemented application. The organization of the workshop was possible due to the generous financial support provided by the Eurocustoms Fund.

The implementation of the nCEN application was one of the priorities for Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority in the framework of the national enforcement action plan, and FRCA leadership expressed its hope that the nCEN will not only benefit enforcement efforts at the national level, but will also boost data sharing in the Oceania region as a whole.

The nCEN application is provided to WCO Members free of charge, and a range of customized solutions is available, catering to each administration’s circumstances and needs. For example, a fast track implementation is offered to those administrations that already possess the hardware needed to support the application.

More information on the nCEN can be obtained by contacting the WCO CEN Program at