Bahamas Customs and Excise Department Highlights Training As Reform & Modernization Priority

27 五月 2016

In response to a request from the Bahamas Customs and Excise Department (BCED) Comptroller, the WCO conducted a mission to review and assess BCED’s human resources and training development strategies. The mission was conducted the week of 10 to 13 May 2016, during which two WCO advisors met with Bahamas senior management in Nassau and Freeport along with staff in key offices to assess operations and identify resultant training needs.

To conduct the assessment, the WCO team reviewed Bahamas existing training plans, website information, previous external reports and the 2006 WCO Diagnostic report. The "WCO People Diagnostic Tool" and "WCO Framework of Principles and Practices for Customs Professionalism" were also key reference tools for the HR component and the identification of HR functions, key HR processes and the competency-based HR approach.

The mission concluded with a close-out session with the Comptroller and key management during which the WCO advisors presented their draft findings and summary report of the Scoping Mission. The draft report conveyed the key findings including ccompetencies/training for BCED consideration, a BCED draft Competency Layout, and a 2-year national training plan with proposed courses and timelines. The report will be reviewed by the training teams in Nassau and Freeport and then submitted for review and approval by the Comptroller and senior management.