Iran and Turkey Customs on the way to implement the 2nd phase of e-TIR

18 五月 2016

On 10 May 2016 the Heads of Iran and Turkey Customs, Dr. Masoud Karbasian and Mr. Cenap Asci agreed to commence implementation of the 2nd phase of the e-TIR in July 2016 to cover more Customs offices in the two countries.

A high level delegation from the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey in a visit to Islamic Republic of Iran met officials of the Iran government and private sector. In line with an agreement on Customs cooperation they discussed furthering their cooperation on Customs issues especially to expand collaboration on transit matters.

The two countries have three land border cross-points that have been operative for centuries; thousands of containers pass the borders daily through roads and rail. The borders connect Asian and European nations and contribute to the economies of the countries over a vast area.

From a bilateral point of view the two nations have a Preferential Trade Agreement. With mutual agreements and MOUs on Customs matters, they have electronic data exchange, joint border gates, and joint operations which serve the smooth movement of goods, vehicles, and passengers.

Beside the positive aspects of the cross points linking the two nations, they do face the challenge of illicit activities. Therefore, their respective governments are applying their utmost efforts to control and facilitate the huge volume of movements through cooperation and dialogue.

The e-TIR joint project of Iran and Turkey is an initiative that is considered an achievement for the two Customs administrations and was established under the auspices of international organizations such as the IRU, UNECE, and WCO. The project will also support the Silk Road Initiative and Caravanserai Project.

Both Customs’ Heads hoped to deliver the 2nd phase of the project to serve the economy and security of the two nations as well as the global community.