WCO Meets with European Union Commissioner Moscovici

21 九月 2016

Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya met with the EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Customs and Taxation, Pierre Moscovici on 21 September 2016 to discuss a wide range of Customs issues.

The topics included the role of Customs, particularly the diverse range of responsibilities beyond the traditional imposition of duties at borders such as Customs-Tax cooperation, trade facilitation, e-Commerce, supply chain security, protection of society and IPR.

Commissioner Moscovici and Secretary General Mikuriya agreed on the importance of adequate resources and financing of Customs to enable administrations to meet their objectives in today’s challenging environment.

The Secretary General Mikuriya expressed his appreciation to Commissioner Moscovici for the outstanding contribution the Taxation and Customs Union Directorate General (DG TAXUD) has made to WCO affairs, noting the high level of support and input to many committee, Policy Commission and Council meetings.