As part of the Revenue Package Phase III Action Plan, the WCO has updated the Customs Laboratory Guide (CLG) by adding information on Regional Customs Laboratories.

27 三月 2018

The CLG is a practical handbook for the establishment and improvement of Customs laboratories.  New Appendix V adds contact information for the Regional Customs Laboratories (RCLs) and links to relevant information.  RCLs play a vital role in enhancing regional capabilities by providing information and training.  Appendix V also contains the “Procedures and requirements for establishing a Regional Customs Laboratory”, recently approved by the HS Committee (at the 61st Session in March 2018).  This is intended to assist Members considering whether they are in a position to join the network of RCLs.

The updated Customs Laboratory Guide, including new Appendix V, is now available, in English and French, on the WCO Members Web site.