Malawi Revenue Authority joins the WCO A-CIP Programme

28 四月 2020

This month, the Malawi Revenue Authority has become the latest WCO Member to benefit from the WCO’s Anti-Corruption and Integrity Promotion (A-CIP) Programme for Customs.  This completes the addition of six new partner administrations to the Programme following the expansion of funding received from Norad at the end of 2019, bringing the number of administrations supported by the Programme to 17.

Malawi’s joining of the WCO A-CIP Programme comes at an important time for anti-corruption efforts. The link between heightened corruption and times of crisis is well known, therefore the WCO is making every effort to adapt programming in light of the COVID-19 and will continue to provide technical assistance and capacity building support to its partner administrations combatting corruption during this period of vulnerability.

Experiences and lessons learned from the WCO A-CIP Programme are being included, as appropriate, in the WCO’s wider support to Members seeking to improve governance and integrity in Customs. For more information about the WCO A-CIP Programme, please visit the WCO A-CIP Programme page, or contact