The Data Analytics course in Spanish is now available on CLiKC!

27 四月 2021

The WCO is pleased to announce that the Data Analytics course is now available in Spanish on CLiKC supported by Customs Coorporation Fund of Korea (CCF-K).

This e-learning course aims to help Customs officials who wish to become an entry-level data scientist. It has been continuously upgraded in the Customs context since the English and French courses opened in January this year.

Spanish-speaking Members can now use this training course as the foundation of capacity building for Data Analytics or part of their blended training strategy.

The BACUDA team has improved the coursework by adding introductory lectures in Python programming with enhanced code exercises using the actual trade-related data. Correspondingly, they also expanded the Cloud server capacity to improve the connectivity of active participants and enable them to exercise in a more user-friendly virtual environment.

The Arabic version of the course is under development and is expected to be available in May.  

The team is also working on the development of the online intermediate course for Data analytics to be released in June this year.

Please refer to the online registration procedures as below and take part in the course at any time.

Without any limit, every Customs official can make access to the course using access credentials.

For those who are not yet authorized, it is suggested to follow the simple steps below.

Tips to get to the course

At the bottom of the CLiKC home page, there is a button that applicants can register situated under the HELP menu called "Get registered."

Once required information is filled in, it will be processed by Member's national coordinator who will approve the application if they are a government or Customs officer.

For more information, please contact WCO Data Analytics Project Team (BACUDA) at the Capacity Building Directorate (