WCO Risk Management Workshop on Data Analytics in the Philippines

27 八月 2021

From 12 to 13 August 2021, the WCO Secretariat delivered a two-day virtual Risk Management (RM) Workshop with a specific focus on database management and data analytics to the Philippines Bureau of Customs (BoC). The Workshop programme was based on the recommendations of a fact-finding mission conducted in December 2020 by a joint World Customs Organisation/World Bank (WCO-WB) team.

The Workshop aimed at strengthening selectivity capacities within Philippines Customs with regard to high-risk consignments, conveyances and travellers. This event was made possible through the sponsorship of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), under the Trade Facilitation Programme in Middle Income Countries (TFMICs).

Thirty-two officials, including directors and deputy directors, analysts from the Risk Management Office (RMO) and Enforcement, as well as Intelligence and IT specialists participated in the event, which was designed to support the BoC Customs Modernization Programme “to increase the efficiency of the Customs service”, its key objective.

The two-day Workshop provided the BoC with general exposure on the use of databases in the Customs environment and the importance of data analytics to support selectivity and overall RM functions. During its interactive sessions based on real case scenarios and practical exercises, the importance of the use of intelligence-driven risk management techniques was duly highlighted, along with information and communication technology for fine-tuning risk profiles and targeting.

The participants, drawn from different areas of Customs work, had the opportunity to work together and create the necessary synergy for embedding RM culture within the BoC. This Workshop also provided participants with the opportunity to learn from Netherlands Customs data scientists, who had kindly agreed to share their expertise and experience in the field of data analytics.

During the closing session of the Workshop, the Administration and participants expressed their full satisfaction and their willingness to explore the latest tools with respect to data analytics and put into practice the lessons learned over the previous two days.