Customs Professionalism and People Development

The Framework of Principles and Practices on Customs Professionalism consists of:

I. Introduction to Strategic Human Resources Management

This section introduces the evolving role of Human Resources and provides insights on the new responsibilities of HR professionals which have to be embedded when considering Customs Career Development.

II. Customs Strategic Organization Design and Job Profiling

This section presents an updated and expanded version of the related part of the Compendium and elaborates on the development of Job Profiles linked to Organizational Design. It is enriched with result-oriented Job Descriptions practices to ensure a systematic competency-based approach.

III. Recruitment processes

The main steps to conduct a transparent and effective recruitment process are defined and explained by way of general principles along with illustrative examples and practices provided by Members.

IV. Customs National Training Centers Guidelines

The core components of efficient Customs Training strategies, processes, curricula and infrastructure are identified and this section gathers the fundamentals and practices to create or improve National Training Centres and competency-based, career-long Development and Training policies. Sets of national curricula as well as any other relevant documents to NTCs can be found on the CLiKC! platform.

V. Customs Career Path Development

The driving principles for flexible and fair career paths in Customs are identified. This will enable solutions to sustain staff motivation and engagement and to efficiently match staff potential with organizational goals.

The full Framework is available on Click!