Complementary amendments to the Harmonized System

Complementary amendments to the HS Nomenclature 2017 Edition have been accepted as a result of the Council Recommendation of 11 June 2015.

After the acceptance of the HS 2017 amendments as a result of the Council Recommendation of 27 June 2014, the HS Contracting Parties highlighted the need to make certain further corrections and amendments, to accommodate:

(1) replacement of the references to the five-digit codes "0302.9" and "0303.9" in the amendments to subheadings 0302.1, 0302.2, 0302.3, 0302.4, 0302.5, 0302.7, 0302.8, 0303.1, 0303.2, 0303.3, 0303.4, 0303.5, 0303.6 and 0303.8 by references to the appropriate range of six-digit codes, i.e., "0302.91 to 0302.99" and "0303.91 to 0303.99", respectively;

(2) alignment between HS 2017 subheading 6304.20, which specifies that the subheading covers "Bed nets, of warp knit fabrics…" and new Subheading Note 1 to Chapter 63 which refers to "…articles made from fabrics…". The alignment will ensure that there will not be any confusion that the bed nets of subheading 6304.20 should be made "from warp knit fabrics"; and

(3) certain further amendments to the Nomenclature in respect of heading 44.01 and certain subheadings of Chapter 44.

It is to be noted that, as agreed by the HS Committee, the amendments mentioned in (1) and (2) above will not be binding on the Contracting Parties until they enter into force on 1 January 2018 under Article 16 of the HS Convention. Nevertheless, under the corrigendum procedure, the Contracting Parties will be free to apply these amendments as from 1 January 2017 to reflect the situation as from that date. The further amendments to the Nomenclature mentioned in (3) above, which had been inadvertently omitted from the Council Recommendation of 27 June 2014 concerning the 2017 amendment of the HS Nomenclature will enter into effect on 1 January 2018. The HS Contracting Parties are, however, encouraged to apply these amendments also from 1 January 2017.

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