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  • Contacts

    WCO Officers in charge of Nomenclature
    HS Contact Points in Member administrations
    Contact points for exchange of information on HS classification matters

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  • Publications

    Free and payable publications related to the nomenclature and classification work.

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  • Historical documents of the Harmonized System Committee

    The WCO maintains a historical documentation database. This database contains Harmonized System Committee documents and reports (without disclosing the business confidential information or classification questions currently under consideration).

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  • Tariff Classification and Duty Rates

    WCO does not provide information about tariff classification of goods or duty rates to private parties. Enquirers are, therefore, advised to contact the Customs administration of the country concerned, or to consult one of the following web sites with respect to duty rates.

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  • National and international Customs tariff

    Links to national and international Customs tariff data.

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  • Percentage of national revenue represented by Customs duties

    This publication provides information about the share of national revenues represented by Customs duties.

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Training Packages

  • Customs administrations representatives: you will find on the WCO CLiKC! platform an elearning course on the HS.

  • Customs administrations and private sector representatives: the WCO provides training on the HS as part of its Knowledge Academy for Customs and Trade held every year in June or July. For more information, please contact the WCO event team.

  • Private Sector Representatives: WCO Academy offers e-learning courses on the Harmonized System to international trade professionals, Companies, and Universities.

E-learning course