7th Meeting of Experts from the WCO West and Central Africa region

14 November 2011
7th Meeting of Experts from the WCO West and Central Africa region 
Ndjamena, 14-16 November 2011 

The 7th Meeting of the Expert Committee of the Conference of Directors General of the West and Central Africa region was held in Ndjamena (Chad) from 14 to 16November 2011.

The Meeting was attended by nine Member administrations, the Regional Office for Capacity Building for West and Central Africa (ROCB-WCA), three Regional Training Centres (RTCs) and two Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILOs).

The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr.Christian Georges DIGUIMBAYE, Chad’s Minister of Finance and Budget, with the Director General of Chad Customs, Mr.Osmane Oume DINDIMA, in attendance.

In his speech, the Minister of Finance and Budget recalled the importance of Customs administrations within developing countries.

He underscored their role in the mobilization of public resources and consequently invited participants to address relevant recommendations to the Directors General.

The work of this 7th Meeting of the Expert Committee focused on :

· The report of the WCO regional Vice-Chair

· The report of the ROCB-WCA

· The RTC activity report

· The RILO activity report

· The Report of the Regional Working Groups (RWGs)

· The Report of the 2nd Meeting of Training Managers

· The Report of the 2nd Meeting of Contact Points

· The status of the regional coaching programme

· An analysis of the implementation of the Recommendations of the 16th Conference of Directors General in Kinshasa.

The Expert Committee analysed all the items on the Agenda and welcomed the new capacity building initiatives entered into by the ROCB, especially the successful outcome of the Second Meeting of the ROCB-WCA and the regional coaching programme.

The Committee reminded Member administrations of their financial commitments towards regional structures and invited the regional Vice-Chair to carry out incentive measures in respect of them.

The Expert Committee reiterated the need for intra-regional co-operation in the intelligence domain and invited the RILOs to update the draft “regional framework for intelligence
, drawn up at the 15th Regional Conference in Bamako.

The Committee recommended that the leading countries organize the Second Meeting of Regional Working Groups (RWGs) before the next Regional conference of Directors General.

At the end of this session, the region’s Expert Committee assessed the advisability of holding two Expert Meetings per year.

Given the administrations’ very limited budgets and the fact that several other meetings covering the same issues were held in the region over the course of the year, the Expert Committee therefore suggested cancelling the mid-term Expert Meeting held six months after the regional Conference.

All these decisions were mentioned in the Meeting’s Recommendations, which will be submitted, for adoption, to the next Conference of Directors General of Customs of the Region scheduled for March 2012 in Benin.

The 7th Meeting of the Expert Committee concluded with a closing ceremony during which the Recommendations were presented to Chad’s Customs Authorities.