Sudan Customs steps up in implementing the WCO Framework on Customs Professionalism

10 June 2014

Upon invitation by Sudan Customs, a WCO National Workshop on Training Management held in Khartoum from 01 to 05 June 2014 gathered 35 participants to review the current Training strategy in Sudan Customs. The workshop was funded by the Japanese government via the WCO Customs Co-operation Fund. Participants worked and agreed on recommendations to efficiently adapt and implement international standards, practices and lessons learnt as presented in the section of the WCO Framework of principles and practices on Customs Professionalism devoted to National Customs Training.

The workshop tackled key components of a national Learning and Development Strategy that is competency-based and focused on performance. Practical elements were addressed regarding its strategic alignment with the organizational priorities of the administration. Further issues addressed the development of standard operational procedures to be adopted for planning, development, delivery and evaluation of learning programmes and curricula, career-long developmental opportunities to be progressively offered to the workforce, a systematic multi-layered evaluation processes, all of which was carefully reviewed within the group.

The workshop formed part of a comprehensive project of Sudan Customs to develop recognized professional training for Customs practitioners which would be in-line with the WCO approach including the PICARD standards.

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