The WCO publishes Report on the HS symposia series on "Visualising a greener HS”

23 May 2023

The Report presents comments on the outcomes of the symposia series on "Visualising a greener HS”, organized by the WCO, with the financial support of the European Union, and were held from October 2022 to January 2023.

This symposia series aimed to give a more global focus to the discussions and to offer new perspectives to assist WCO Members and trade stakeholders. It was focused on what changes were needed to make the HS even greener in its future editions.

It was recognised in the symposia that the importance of the issues highlighted requires a concentrated focus on finding what can be done to adapt the HS to enable environment-related trade measures to be effective and efficient.

To turn discussions into HS provisions will require Members, IGOs, and the WCO to work together to bring these ideas into achievable proposals for HS changes. Therefore, this document is also a call to action to ensure that these discussions translate into tangible results.

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