WCO Working Bodies

  • Terms of Reference for the Council

    The Council was established by the Convention establishing a Customs Co-operation Council, with the aim of securing the highest degree of harmony and uniformity in the Customs systems of Member Governments, and especially to study the problems inherent in the development and improvement of Customs techniques and Customs legislation in connection therewith.

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  • Terms of Reference for the Policy Commission

    The Policy Commission was established to act as a dynamic steering group to the Council.

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  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee acts under the overall direction of the WCO Council with administrative support provided by the WCO Secretariat.

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  • Working Group on Data and Statistics

    Working Group on Data and Statistics

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  • Tariff and Trade Affairs

    Harmonized System Committee
    Harmonized System Revised Sub-Committee
    The Scientific Sub-Committee
    Harmonized System Working Party
    Technical Committee on Rules of Origin
    Technical Committee on Customs Valuation
    Focus Group on Transfer Pricing

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  • Procedures and Facilitation

    Permenant Technical Committee
    Information Management Sub-Committee
    Revised Kyoto Convention
    Istanbul Convention Administrative Committee
    Contracting Parties to the ATA Convention

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  • Enforcement and Compliance

    Enforcement Committee
    Working Group on Commercial Fraud
    Global Information and Intelligence Strategy Project Group
    WCO Counterfeiting and Piracy (CAP) Group
    Electronic Crime Expert Group

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  • Capacity Building

    Capacity Building Committee
    Integrity Sub-Committee

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