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WCO Regional Customs Laboratory Professionals Programme

The WCO Regional Customs Laboratory Professionals Programme, launched in 2013 as the WCO/Japan Regional Customs Laboratories Programme, provides an opportunity for technical officers to expand and update their knowledge and skills in the chemical analysis of samples for Harmonized System (HS) classification purposes. It is designed for laboratory analysts who are or will be working in Customs laboratories. Participants will gain practical experience at the WCO/Asia Pacific Regional Customs Laboratory (RCL) in India, Japan or the Republic of Korea, and gain knowledge about the HS at the World Customs Organization (WCO).

The aims of this programme are that participants should:

  • obtain and update knowledge and skills in the chemical analysis of samples for HS classification purposes;
  • gain knowledge and skills, especially regarding the implementation of new technologies and techniques as well as the use of sophisticated equipment;
  • develop an understanding of how to enhance the efficiency of the management of the Customs Laboratory;
  • improve general understanding of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the International Convention on the HS and its amendments;
  • gain greater understanding of how the HS and its instruments and tools, including tools on implementation and infrastructure, operate at international and national level;
  • know the core fundamentals of the HS, in order to understand the basic rules for classifying goods in the HS Nomenclature and to legally justify their classification decisions;
  • enhance their tariff classification abilities, particularly in the field of agriculture and chemical products; and
  • identify current challenges for their administrations in Customs Laboratory word and, based on the knowledge and techniques obtained through this programme, appropriate measures to address these challenges for sharing in the form of report and presentation for sharing with participants and their administrations.

Candidates for the Programme must be Customs officials, (i) who are working at a Customs Laboratory as an analyst; or (ii) who would be a candidate to work at a Customs Laboratory in the near future.

Under this Programme, selected Customs officials of an appropriate technical level will be given an opportunity to study one week at the WCO Headquarters and then, will be divided into three teams for the six weeks at the RCL in India, Japan or the Republic of Korea, to enable them to acquire practical experience.

The Programme is conducted in English.

The nomination process for this programme is undertaken as detailed below:

  • April – Invitation letter is sent to developing countries.
  • May – Submission of nomination is closed.
  • June – Selection process is undertaken by the end of June.
  • July - Results are notified to candidates.
  • October –The programme starts.

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