Instruments and Tools


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Instruments and Tools

New training opportunity for the private sector

Rules of Origin Facilitator

The WCO and the International Trade Centre (ITC) have jointly launched the Rules of Origin Facilitator. The tool is available online at

The Rules of Origin Facilitator contains information on trade agreements and applicable tariff rates at the detailed product level. The database includes the product-specific rules of origin as well as provisions on origin certification. Necessary documentation, such as certificates of origin, is also provided.

Facilitating Preferential Market Access for LDCs

The WCO’s Practical Guide to the Nairobi Ministerial Decision on Rules of Origin for LDCs [es] provides practical information on how to qualify for preferential treatment and detailed explanations of the elements in the Decision adopted by WTO Members in 2015.

The Guide aims to help LDCs achieve better utilization of the market access opportunities available to them through unilateral preference schemes by explaining key concepts.  It has been prepared for Members which play the role of “competent issuing authority” in exporting LDCs. It is also useful for exporters or producers who wish to utilize the LDC trade preferences in respect of products manufactured in LDCs.

  • Quick guide on AfCFTA Rules of Origin

    Quick guide on AfCFTA Rules of Origin

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  • Practical Guide for the Implementation of the AfCFTA Rules of Origin

    The World Customs Organization with the support of the European Union under the EU-WCO Rules of Origin Africa Programme presents this document as a practical guide to the Customs Administrations and economic operators to assist with the practical implementation of the AfCFTA Annex 2 on Rules of Origin of the Protocol on Trade and its relevant appendices. The Practical Guide does not in any way replace the AfCFTA legal documents on Rules of Origin.

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  • Agreement on Rules of Origin

    During the Uruguay Round, participating countries recognized the need to provide transparency to regulations and practices regarding Rules of Origin.

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  • Advance rulings for Origin

    The key objective of pre-entry advance ruling programmes is to provide decisions on the classification, origin and valuation of commodities prior to their importation or exportation, thus adding certainty and predictability to international trade and helping traders to make informed business decisions based on legally binding rulings.

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  • Diagnostic tool and infrastructure

    The present WCO tools are designed to assist Members who wish to evaluate and restructure their systems, in whole or in part, to ensure the infrastructure is meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

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  • Tools related to origin certification

    The WCO Guidelines on Certification of Origin are based on the studies on origin certification and offer practical explanations. The Guidelines aim to provide useful guidance for the Members to design, develop and achieve robust management of origin-related procedures.

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  • Origin irregularities

    The Origin Irregularity Typology Study was the first step taken in relation to origin irregularities under the Revenue Package. The second step is to provide advice to Customs authorities on ways to confront origin irregularities in practice. To this end the Secretariat, in cooperation with a number of Member Customs administrations, has developed the Guide to Counter Origin Irregularities.

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  • Tools related to origin verification

    Two documents have been developed by the WCO in order to assist Members in enhancing their capacity to verify preferential origin. They consist of a study on control and verification methods in Member Customs administrations and guidelines on verification of preferential origin.

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  • Relations with HS

    The WCO Guide for Technical Update of Preferential Rules of Origin provides practical information on how to conduct a technical update of Rules of Origin in relation to changes in the Harmonized System.

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WCO Trade Tools

The WCO has established a new database, WCO Trade Tools, which offers a single point of access to the Harmonized System, preferential Rules of Origin and Valuation, through a completely new, user-centric and ergonomic interface.