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This section of the Website contains information on working methods, practices and tools to be used to ensure effective and efficient compliance with, and enforcement of trade regulations. It also provides information on programmes developed by the WCO Secretariat to meet Customs administrations’ assistance needs when it comes to fighting illicit trade in specific commodities.

Guidance and information on working methods, practices and tools, such as the Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) Suite, can be found under the “Instruments and tools” menu. These materials and tools promote and support the implementation of risk management (collection and analysis of data), exchange of information, national and international cooperation, modern infrastructure and working practices, and the use of technology.

Programmes designed by the Secretariat to help Customs fight illicit trade can be found under the “Activities and programmes” menu. They cover the following commodities and areas: Drugs and Precursors; Environment; Intelligence and Risk Management; IPR, Health and Safety; Revenue (tobacco, alcohol); Security; Cultural Heritage. Horizontal topics such as Customs Operational Practices for Enforcement and Seizures (COPES) and Electronic Crime can also be found here.

All materials, tools and activities have been organized into a Compliance & Enforcement Package where you will find more information about the WCO approach to enforcement and compliance.