WCO supports the EAC Region to develop a Communication Plan for the Regional AEO program!

28 February 2017

The WCO has successfully conducted a four-day workshop from 20th to 24th February 2017 at Arusha, Tanzania to develop a Communication Visibility Plan (CVP) for the roll-out of the EAC Regional AEO program. This initiative, financed by the Government of Sweden has been provided through the WCO EAC CREATe Project for the benefit of the East African Community (EAC) Region. The workshop was attended by National Project Managers and Communication Experts from the 5 EAC Partner states, with the support of a WCO Communication expert.

The workshop was carried out to develop a communication strategy to enhance awareness and visibility of the AEO program with the overall objective of ensuring that all stakeholders are duly informed of the benefits of the program and developing a sustainable engagement, leading to a mutual cooperation and support of planned activities.

Participants of the workshop were initially coached to clearly identify the objectives, specific audiences and their perceived benefits and barriers, as well as a set of communication tools, activities and materials to be used. Based on this foundation a set of messages was then developed as well as proposals for the brand identity of the EAC Regional AEO Program and ultimately a set of actions to be implemented.

The Workshop was also an opportunity to discuss a change in approach whereby the trade community is seen as partners and customs administrations as facilitators and trade enablers. Participants learned from each other’s’ best practices and proposed SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) actions that will be monitored by the EAC Secretariat to ensure a proper coordination in accordance with the set objectives.

The workshop coincided with the launch of the Regional AEO Consultative Group on Friday 25th February 2017.  

For more information about this activity or the project, please contact the WCO-Sweden Program Director, Mr. Richard Chopra (Richard.chopra@wcoomd.org)