Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) adopts new vision, mission and strategic plan to support its reform and modernisation initiatives

26 January 2017

In January 2017, the WCO provided strategic support to the ECA that focussed on strategic planning and performance management at a workshop held in Alexandria, Egypt.  Nearly 100 participants were guided in developing activities and performance indicators that are aligned to the core strategic priorities of the administration.

The five-day workshop began with an environmental scanning meeting followed by four days of drafting.  The drafting program was divided into two parts.  Dr. Magdi, the Commissioner of the ECA opened the first session.  He also participated in drafting and discussions over the first two days and participants benefited from important insights into Egyptian government expectations.  Input by the senior executive leadership of the ECA over the first part of the program delivered a new vision, mission and strategic objectives for the ECA.

The first session provided direction for the second part of the program.  The ECA Eastern and Southern Region management cadre acknowledged that global trade has evolved significantly in terms of technology, speed safety/security and client requirements.  Using the strategic objectives, this middle management group worked on operational objectives and activities as well as performance measures.  Participants increased their understanding of contemporary approaches to developing strategic and operational objectives, indicators and measures.  Group discussions also covered principles of reporting, monitoring, evaluation and risk management.

Overall, the workshop was successful in delivering methodology, processes and a draft strategic plan that provides direction for the ECA over the next 3-5 years.