The WCO continues its work with Burkina Faso Customs to establish an advance rulings mechanism

28 March 2018

As part of the West African Customs Administrations Modernization (WACAM) Project, funded by Sweden, the World Customs Organization (WCO) organized a Capacity Building Workshop on the Harmonized System and Advance Rulings for 20 Customs managers from the Burkina Faso Customs Administration.

The Workshop, which took place from 19 to 23 March 2018, was held in French and was led by a Technical Officer from the WCO Secretariat and an Accredited Expert on the Harmonized System.

In his opening address, the Director General of Customs, Mr. Adama Sawadogo, expressed his thanks to the WCO and to the donor country for their work in supporting his Administration in establishing a national mechanism for advance rulings on classification and origin of goods.  He added that the Workshop formed a crucial procedural step in implementing the advance rulings mechanism and that the capacity building for the Customs managers would contribute significantly to the smooth implementation of the mechanism.

Presentations on tariff classification work allowed the Workshop participants to broaden their experience and update their knowledge about the classification of goods.

The Workshop included exercises and case studies which cleared up several difficulties in interpreting the legal and interpretative provisions of the HS.  Emphasis was also placed on the techniques for describing goods and the drafting of structured and reasoned HS advance rulings.

At the closing ceremony of the Workshop, the Director General of Customs stressed the willingness of his Administration to adopt WCO instruments and tools and to deploy all human and organizational resources necessary to make the launch of the advance rulings mechanism effective.  He also reiterated the determination of Burkina Faso Customs to work closely with the private sector in developing the process for the national advance rulings mechanism.

For more information about this activity or the WACAM Project funded by Sweden, please contact the WCO-Sweden Programme Director, Richard Chopra (